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Disney Thailand perfume coconut all use Thailand national legislation prohibits the export of seeds, seedlings protection products. The pure species of Thai perfume coconut. Thai pure species of perfume coconut mainly grows in the Suphan River and Mae Long River, two rivers running north-south in central Thailand, the region belongs to the sedimentary mesocosm and riverbank alluvial soil; fertile soil, rich in minerals. The average annual temperature is 24-30°C, with a small temperature difference between day and night and plenty of sunshine; the average rainfall is over 1500-2000mm, making it the best place to grow pure perfume coconut in Thailand. The unique geographical conditions have created a unique fragrance of pure Thai perfume coconut, the flesh is as white as jade, fragrant and crisp; the juice is cool and sweet, with excellent taste. Every batch of coconut green is imported through the national customs inspection; strict production standards and complete institutional testing have contributed to the excellent and reliable quality of Disney Thai Coconut.

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9 capsules/box 3 capsules/case
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Thailand pure perfume coconut fragrance peculiar, coconut flesh white as jade, aroma smooth and crisp; coconut juice cool and sweet, excellent taste.

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    9 capsules/box

  • 3 capsules/case

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迪士尼泰国香椰全部选用泰国国家立法禁止出口种、苗保护品. 种一泰国纯种香水椰。泰国纯种香水椰主要生长于素攀河、湄隆 河两条河流呈南北贯穿的泰国中部,该地区属海淀中积土和河岸冲 积土质;土壤肥沃,富含丰富的矿物质。常年平均温度在24~30°C 昼夜温差小,阳光充足;平均降雨量1500~2000mm以上,雨水充 沛;是泰国纯种香水椰的最佳生长地。得天独厚的地理条件造就了 泰国纯种香水椰香味奇特,椰肉色白如玉,芳香滑脆;椰汁清凉甘 甜,口感极佳。 迪士尼泰国香椰完全采用符合“国际良好农业规范”(GAP) 及GMP认证的工厂加工而成,每- -批次椰青均通过国家海关商检正 规报关进口;严苛的生产标准和完备的机构检测,铸就了迪士尼泰 国香椰优良、可靠的产品品质。

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