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NOWFRUTTI takes the fresh green leaves as the source and starts from "I" me, in order to find the freshest and good quality fruits, and gingerly brings these global delicious fruits to you. "U" which is your side. To select the best fruits of the country for you from a professional perspective. Make you enjoy health and deliciousness in the pursuit of quality of life colleagues.

It is the wish of every agriculturalist and the expectation of Nongfu Company to have fertile land and fruitful harvest. MaZhi brand is a high quality brand that NongFu is committed to connect urban people and agricultural people. International procurement and quality inspectors check the quality at all levels, carefully selected to provide fresh, high quality, original imported fresh fruit, just off the branch, sweet on your heart!

With the aim of "realizing the dream of freshness and health", we provide customers with the freshest and most abundant fruits. It is like a wise and capable person who pursues quality of life and cares for others. He provides customers with a high quality, fresh and healthy lifestyle full of positive energy. She cares for customers on their journey to freshness and health, and cares and listens to their feelings. She is warm, happy and sincere, helping customers to realize their dreams of pursuing freshness, health and quality.

Once received, you can eat just the right fruit, eliminating the need to wait, making it easier and more casual to eat. Growing in tropical rainforest conditions, sunny, pure waters, high-quality soil environment breeding the flesh yellow-green, is a fine variety of higher nutritional value, avocado smooth and soft in the mouth, fragrant and not greasy, accompanied by the unique aroma of avocado. Whether it is a supplement for the baby or fitness professionals with meals, is a good choice.

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  • Young coconut

    Green coconut is also called green coconut. Compared with yellow coconut, its fruiting cycle is shorter. Coconut water is sweet and antipyretic and produces fluid. Freshly picked coconuts are the freshest, and the pulp tastes the most milky. The flesh is generally thin and thick, and it is more suitable for making coconut jelly and coconut chicken soup than old coconuts (wool coconuts).
  • apple

    Apple is a plant of the genus Malus in the subfamily Apple of the Rosaceae. Apples have high nutritional value, rich in minerals and vitamins, and rich in calcium, which helps metabolize excess salt in the body. Malic acid can metabolize calories and prevent lower body obesity.
  • orange

    Orange is the fruit of the orange tree of the citrus genus of the Rutaceae family. It is also known as yellow fruit, tangerine, golden ring, and orange.
  • cherries

    Cherries specifically refer to large and thick-skinned cherries produced in the United States, Canada, Chile and other American countries. The variety belongs to European cherries. Cherry fruit trees have been introduced in Shandong, Liaoning, Henan, Hubei, Sichuan, Shanxi and other places in China, forming a variety of Chinese big cherries, which have considerable production capacity, taste and quality comparable to those of foreign countries.
  • blueberry

    Blueberry, also known as Dusi, Black Bean Tree (Daxinganling), Du Shi (Daxinganling, Yichun), Dianguo, Diguo, Dragon Fruit, Clam Pond Fruit (Jilin), Nerisu (Mongolian Language), Ji'e Te, Wugete (Oroqen), etc., belong to the perennial low shrubs of the rhododendron family Vaccinium.
  • Avocado

    Avocado is a plant of the genus Lauraceae Avocado, an evergreen tree, and a shade-tolerant plant. About 10 meters high, the bark is gray-green and split longitudinally. The leaves are alternate, oblong, elliptic, ovate or obovate, apex extremely pointed, base wedge-shaped, extremely pointed to nearly round, leathery, green on the top, and usually slightly pale underneath.
  • Sunshine rose

    Tender shoots are green, without fluff. The young leaves are thin, the leaf surface is green and shiny, and the upper and lower surfaces of the leaves are free of hairs. Adult leaves are medium, fan-shaped, medium-thick, green, 5-lobed, medium-cracked, wavy leaves, smooth leaf surfaces, large serrations and slightly pointed edges. The petiole depression is oval.
  • pomegranate

    Deciduous trees or shrubs; deciduous shrubs or trees, 2-7 meters high, sparsely up to 10 meters; young branches are often angular, old branches are nearly round, and the tops are often sharp and long thorns. The fruit is rich in nutrients, and the vitamin C content is one or two times higher than that of apples and pears.
  • Kiwi

    Kiwi fruit is also called kiwi fruit (kiwi fruit is an artificially bred variety of kiwi fruit, which has become a synonym for kiwi fruit because it is widely used). The shape of the fruit is generally oval, the early appearance is yellowish-brown, and the reddish-brown after maturity, the skin is covered with dense hairs, the flesh is edible, and the flesh is bright green and a row of black or red seeds.
  • Baby orange

    The fruit is larger than ordinary oranges, generally without seeds, parthenocarpy, and easier to peel. Therefore, navel oranges are more suitable for fresh food. The main feature is that there is a cone-shaped side fruit in the fruit, which is characterized by a navel on the top of the fruit, that is, a small underdeveloped fruit is embedded on the top of the fruit. Seedless, the meat is crispy and tender, the taste is sweet and slightly sour.
  • Lun night

    Lunwan navel orange is a late-ripening navel orange variety, which matures in mid-to-late March of the following year. The fruit is nearly round and spherical, with an average weight of more than 200 grams; the skin is light orange-red and the skin is hard and smooth, which is easy to peel; the flesh is dense and crisp, juicy and slag, the soluble solid content is more than 12.5%, the fruit juice rate is 45.5%, and it is edible The rate is 74.1%.
  • Durian

    Durian is a giant tropical evergreen tree of the order Malvaceae and Bombaxaceae. It has long round leaves, sharp tips, cymes, light yellow flowers, football-sized fruits, solid skins, dense triangular thorns, and the flesh is made of arils. It is composed of meat buns, pale yellow flesh, sticky and juicy, and it is a fruit of great economic value.
  • Elvis Mountain Durian

    Musang King durians are relatively small, usually around 2.5kg. The peel is mostly green. There will be an obvious "five-pointed star" mark at the bottom of the fruit, which is unique to Musang King durian
  • Red Pomelo

    Red meat grapefruit has obvious effects in reducing the risk of liver cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Once the results of the study were announced, the unremarkable red-meat grapefruit turned into the latest "anti-cancer fruit."
  • Three red honey pomelo

    The nutritional value of the fruit is higher than that of the red-flesh pomelo. The latest variety, the red-skinned pomelo, has high stability, with a large skin and thin flesh, seedless flesh, bright color, juicy and soft, sweet and slightly sour. It is characterized by early maturity, high yield and excellent quality.



椰青 · 简介

迪士尼泰国香椰全部选用泰国国家立法禁止出口种、苗保护品. 种一泰国纯种香水椰。泰国纯种香水椰主要生长于素攀河、湄隆 河两条河流呈南北贯穿的泰国中部,该地区属海淀中积土和河岸冲 积土质;土壤肥沃,富含丰富的矿物质。常年平均温度在24~30°C 昼夜温差小,阳光充足;平均降雨量1500~2000mm以上,雨水充 沛;是泰国纯种香水椰的最佳生长地。得天独厚的地理条件造就了 泰国纯种香水椰香味奇特,椰肉色白如玉,芳香滑脆;椰汁清凉甘 甜,口感极佳。 迪士尼泰国香椰完全采用符合“国际良好农业规范”(GAP) 及GMP认证的工厂加工而成,每- -批次椰青均通过国家海关商检正 规报关进口;严苛的生产标准和完备的机构检测,铸就了迪士尼泰 国香椰优良、可靠的产品品质。

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