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Blueberries are one of the top five healthy fruits recommended by the World Agri-Food Organization, and are called the "miracle fruit" by the famous American health magazine Poevention.Poevention", a famous American health magazine, called "magic fruit". The anthocyanin pigment content of the fruit is as high as 163mg/100g.The fruit contains 163mg/100g of anthocyanin pigments and 9.3Lg/100g of VE in fresh fruit.Chile is bordered by the vast Pacific Ocean and coastal mountains to the west and the Andes to the east.The central valley between the two mountain ranges has become a fertile ground for blueberry growth. The blueberry trees in this region are planted in the high mountainsThe blueberry trees in this region are planted in the high mountains, closer to the sun and with plenty of sunlight, which makes the taste and color of the fruit unique.The fruit has a distinctive taste and color. The Disney blueberry is born in the eighth region of Chile, at 35° 26' south latitude and 71° 40' west longitude.

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12 boxes/case 1.5kg/case
January - March
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The blue wine is wrapped in a layer of white fruit frosting, the grains are full and round, the taste is moderately sweet and sour, the bite is delicate and firm, soft and juicy.

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    迪士尼泰国香椰全部选用泰国国家立法禁止出口种、苗保护品. 种一泰国纯种香水椰。泰国纯种香水椰主要生长于素攀河、湄隆 河两条河流呈南北贯穿的泰国中部,该地区属海淀中积土和河岸冲 积土质;土壤肥沃,富含丰富的矿物质。常年平均温度在24~30°C 昼夜温差小,阳光充足;平均降雨量1500~2000mm以上,雨水充 沛;是泰国纯种香水椰的最佳生长地。得天独厚的地理条件造就了 泰国纯种香水椰香味奇特,椰肉色白如玉,芳香滑脆;椰汁清凉甘 甜,口感极佳。 迪士尼泰国香椰完全采用符合“国际良好农业规范”(GAP) 及GMP认证的工厂加工而成,每- -批次椰青均通过国家海关商检正 规报关进口;严苛的生产标准和完备的机构检测,铸就了迪士尼泰 国香椰优良、可靠的产品品质。

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