Chilean carrion availability expected to be extended to six months Giddings Fruit develops new variety of cherries
2019-02-02 17:50:00



On January 25, Giddings Cerasus held a new cherry presentation in Shanghai, introducing a variety of new cherry varieties that have been developed or are under development, with 2 new late varieties being the highlight of the day's presentation. With the progress of the R&D project, the supply period of Chilean cherries is expected to be extended to half a year in 2 years, and in 4 years, with the Chilean production area plus other production areas, Giddings Cerasus is expected to have a year-round supply of cherries in China.

Mr. Wu De, Chilean Commercial Consul in Shanghai, Mr. Ramón Arrau, CEO of Giddings Cerasus, Mr. Gonzalo Larraín, Commercial Manager of Giddings Cerasus, and Mr. Ma Xiaogu, General Manager of Shanghai Nongfu Fruits, and Mr. Huang Xianhua, General Manager of Shanghai Ouheng Import & Export Company were present at the promotion.



It is understood that Giddings Cerasus has an exclusive partnership with German geneticist and grower Peter Stoppel on new early and late German varieties that will be labeled with the Giddings Cerasus trademark for production and export.



The new varieties of cherries are divided into early varieties and late varieties. The early varieties will be available 2 weeks earlier than existing varieties such as Early Burlat, Glen Red and Royal Down, while the late varieties will be available 1 to 2.5 weeks later than existing varieties such as Regina.


According to Ramón Arrau, the aim of developing new varieties of cherries is to supply the global market with better quality cherries and to extend the Chilean cherry season to six months, plus six months of supply from other production areas in the northern hemisphere, eventually achieving a year-round supply. giddings Cerasus hopes that this will change the future of the industry in order to gain the acceptance of the market and its consumers.


The research and development project has 17 new varieties, with the release of two new late varieties coming to the Chinese market that day, and will continue with another four new varieties in China next year.



On the day of the presentation, Ramón Arau highlighted two late varieties, Final 12.1 and Final 13.1. Final 12.1 was harvested 7 days later than Regina and has a larger head size, up to 32mm and more hard.



Final 13.1 was harvested 20 days later than Regina, with a size of around 30mm and a high sweetness.



Giddings Cerasus currently has a guaranteed supply of cherries from June to September, and with the new varieties, in 2 years, the supply will be extended by 1 month to 6 months. In 4 years, with the new varieties coming into production in the United States, it is expected to have a year-round supply.


Ramón Arau believes that the future does not come through high technology and expensive machines, but first with new visions and concepts that can then be realized through technology and passion.


Since 2014, Cerasus has been diversifying its exploration and innovation and actively using new genetic technologies and innovative projects, with the U.S. production area becoming operational and achieving global production, adding great value to the company. Since 2017, the company has become an exporter of Chilean cherries with integrated production, packaging and export operations, shipping high-quality cherries from the Northern Hemisphere to Asian markets.


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