Ma Xiaogu-Shanghai Nongfu Fruit Co., Ltd.-The entrepreneurial history of the old generation of fruit people|Fruit People
2020-06-04 17:42:00



Ma Xiaogu, a native of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, came to Shanghai in 1985, when he was not yet 20 years old, and discovered the business opportunity of fruit on his way to deliver bananas to his relatives' counter from Sixteen Shops, and started his "fruit career" from then on.


At that time, China was changing from "planned economy" to "market economy", and the market was in short supply of goods.


After the "unified purchase and sale" policy was canceled, Ma Xiaogu bravely went to the origin of procurement, but due to the integrity of farmers at the time, logistics, cold chain and other issues, so he endured a number of failures in a year, the previous profit lost all, but he was not discouraged, start again from scratch.


After the imported fruits entered our country, Ma Xiaogu keenly found that the foreign fruit specifications are clearly divided, good quality and stable, so he began to engage in the business of imported fruits, first from the Guangzhou market to Shanghai, and then to the foreign origin, and began to international direct harvesting from abroad.



Ltd. was one of the first companies in Shanghai to start importing fruits, and it still maintains its vitality and even has more innovative ideas.


With the opening of China's market, fruit imports after more than a decade of rapid growth, Ma Xiaogu found that the market supply and demand has changed, branding is the future development of the discovery, so the cooperation with the "Disney" brand, and began to apply the "Disney" brand to the fruit.


"The cooperation with Disney is not only to take advantage of Disney's brand awareness, but also to improve the quality of the products through cooperation with Disney and their high standards for products and supply chain." Ma Xiaogu concluded.


November 10-12, 2020

The 13th iFresh Asia Fruit & Vegetable Industry Expo.

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