[iFresh Information] Shanghai Disney is opening next year, "Disney Tizi" arrived in Shanghai in October
2014-09-26 15:42:00

After nearly four years of preparation, Shanghai Disneyland is expected to be officially opened to the public next year. With this timing, in mid-October this year, the "Disney Tic Tacs" from California will also land in Shanghai for the first time for Chinese children and family consumers, and will be sold nationwide.

What exactly is a "Disney Tic Tac Toe"?

In the United States, one of Disney's peripheral products - Disney farm products series (Disney Garden) is already a mature marketing concept, to Disney theme marketing fruit in Wal-Mart and other large supermarkets are sold. It is reported that this batch will enter the Chinese market "Disney raisin" are currently more popular domestic varieties of raisin, including seeded red raisin - Red Globe (Red Globe), seedless red raisin - Royal Red (Scarlet) -(Scarlet Royal), seedless green raisin - Autumn King (Autumn King) and seedless black raisin - Autumn Royal (Autumn Royal). The "Disney Raisin" is a variety of fruit that has been used for many years. The domestic supply of "Disney Raisins" is expected to last from mid-October to the end of this year.

(hereinafter referred to as "Nongfu") is confident in the value of the Disney brand. "Disney itself has a strong brand effect, which is a difference from ordinary raisins. Its brand image is relatively attractive to children and families, especially with the completion of Shanghai Disneyland next year." said Huihui Duan, Nongfu's North American buyer and Disney project leader ......