Disney fruit is coming, will you buy it?
2016-06-06 14:26:00

The much-anticipated Shanghai Disneyland has started its trial operation and will have its grand opening on June 16. As the first fruit concessionaire of the U.S. Disney Company in China, Shanghai Nongfu Fruits Co., Ltd. will also sell Disney-branded imported fruits in the near future. 


Mr. Ma Xiaogu, general manager of Shanghai Nongfu Fruit, said in an exclusive interview with International Fruit and Vegetable Report: Disney brand licensing requirements are very strict, it is difficult for domestic fruit business enterprises to meet the standard. The Disney brand is even more strict and careful in the selection of fruits, from the origin, import commodity inspection, distribution and packaging, until sales, each link has almost harsh conditions, although it conflicts with the existing model and characteristics of the current fruit business enterprises, but also to ensure the rights and interests of consumers to the maximum extent. Nongfu believes that strict quality control, although it will inhibit sales in the short term and lose some short-term benefits. However, in the long run, the quality of China's fruit business enterprises and fresh fruit products can be taken to a higher level and be in line with internationalization. 


The first listings are imported seasonal fruits from around the world, including cherries, oranges, blueberries, avocados, red heart dragon fruit and so on. Disney brand fruit is quite strict on quality control, all foreign fruit's must first pass the global GAP certification (Good Agricultural Practice standard certification) to ensure the stable quality and safety of the fruit. At the same time, importers must also have complete qualification procedures to ensure high quality service quality. 


Disney fruit adopts the form of direct harvesting from the origin, and Nongfu Fruit, as a first-class importer in China, has nearly thirty years of experience and source resources. We can reduce the price of fruits of the same quality by compressing the intermediate links and selling fruits directly to the end consumers. The retail price of Disney fruit is set by Nongfu based on cost, quality and sales plan, while reporting to Disney. This model makes it possible to take into account local realities as well as ensure consistency for the Disney Company on a global scale. Mr. Ma Xiaogu said that Nongfu Fruits will work closely with Disney to ensure that the fruit is relevant to the Chinese market in terms of both quality and pricing, and to provide cost-effective fruit to consumers. 


In addition, Disney fruit is also sold outside the Shanghai Disney Park and in other cities, and Nongfu Fruit is looking for partners for the stores, but of course the primary premise of the partnership will still be to ensure quality and maintain high quality service. 


In terms of online sales, Nongfu Fruit has partnered with food freshness e-commerce company U-Palm to sell Disney fruit, which was founded in August 2015 by Zhu Pengcheng, the former chief merchandising officer of No. 1 Store, and Wang Haihui, senior vice president of operations. By March 2016, U Paws has completed two rounds of AB financing of more than $40 million, with Series B financing of more than $30 million from Peak Capital and Today Capital. 


According to International Fruit & Vegetable Report, China is currently one of the very few countries in the world where Disney has licensed brands of Disney fruit, and should be the only one in Asia.


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