[Press Release] Heavyweight! Guizhou, Shaanxi, Guangdong, Yunnan, Huili, Kullu and other pavilions gathered in Guangzhou, another event in the fruit circle is coming!
2020-09-09 15:15:00

Address: Guangdong East-West Poverty Alleviation Collaboration Products Trade Market (101 Huabo Avenue, Liwan District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province)

The Asia (Guangzhou) Fruits and Vegetables Expo is just 1 day away! One more day!

Let me give you an advance disclosure of some of the heavyweights who will be exhibiting in Guangzhou this time.
The blueberry and plum planting area of Guizhou Province is the first in the country, and the kiwi, dragon fruit and passion fruit planting area is the top three in the country. The province has 22 10,000-mu slices and 126 1,000-mu villages. Focus on creating the South and North Pan River, the Red River basin dragon fruit, passion fruit and other tropical fruit industry belt, Qianzhong, Qianxi Northwest kiwifruit industry gathering area, Qian southeast blueberry industry gathering area, Qianxi Northwest characteristic cherry industry belt, etc.. A number of regional brands have emerged, such as "Xiuwen kiwifruit, Luodian dragon fruit, Majiang blueberry, Shuicheng red heart kiwifruit, Congjiang passion fruit, Weining apple, Zhenning bee sugar plum, Yuping yellow peach, Nayong onyx red cherry".

Shaanxi Pavilion


Shaanxi is the largest region in the world in terms of concentrated apple cultivation and the largest apple juice concentrate processing and export base in the world. The output of apples in the province accounts for 1/4 of the country and 1/7 of the world, and the output of apple juice concentrate accounts for 1/3 of the world. Shaanxi ranks second in the scale of dates and cherries, third in grapes and seventh in pears. Shaanxi has also built the world's largest kiwifruit planting base, with production accounting for 1/2 of the country and 1/3 of the world.

Shaanxi also has a variety of fruits, and is the first province of fruits in China. Lintong pomegranate, Meixian kiwifruit, Liquan Xiaohe imperial pear, Luochuan apple, Chenggu honey orange, Yanliang phase jujube, Lantian drainage lake cherry, Hu Tai No. 8, Dali winter jujube, Jingwei fresh jujube, Luanzhen grape, Baqiao grape, Dali nectarine, Tongzhou watermelon, Yulin mountain apple, Heyang apple, Yanliang melon, Liquan yellow peach, etc. are all produced in Shaanxi.

Yunnan Pavilion


Yunnan has the largest variety of fruit resources in the country, with 118 genera of fruit, accounting for 92% of the national genus, rich in variety in the first place in the country. 2019 Yunnan exported 14.82 billion yuan of fruit, an increase of 81.9%, accounting for 44.7% of the province's exports of agricultural products, is the largest category of agricultural exports, fresh grapes, citrus, fresh apples, fresh pears and other major varieties have maintained growth; exports of vegetables 10.13 billion yuan, an increase of 10.2%.

Exhibited goods: lemon, iced orange, kiwi, pomegranate, grapefruit, apple, mango, dragon fruit, grapes and other fresh fruits, walnuts, macadamia nuts, dried dates, dried bananas, dried pineapple nectar, coconut flakes, dried cinnamon, cashew nuts and other dried fruits, chili peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, cucumbers, lettuce, watercress, winter squash and other fresh vegetables, as well as mushrooms, mushrooms, rice, honey, pu-erh tea, flower tea, rosehip paste and other agricultural products.

Guangdong Pavilion(C01)

Meizhou is known as "the world's Hakka capital", grapefruit cultivation has nearly a hundred years of history, is the second largest, Guangdong's first - large grapefruit main production area, mainly honey grapefruit and Sha Tin grapefruit, planting an area of nearly 500,000 mu, the annual output of about 850,000 tons, the area of production accounted for 20% of the country. Meizhou is located in the global grapefruit planting advantageous latitude zone, long light hours, day and night temperature difference, high effective temperature, production of grapefruit fruit quality, excellent benefits, is the global grapefruit traditional planting advantageous area, but also one of the country's three major grapefruit core production areas.

Honey pomelo is commonly known as the reunion fruit, its skin is thick and resistant to storage, generally can be stored for three months, so it is called "natural fruit canning". The fruit is large and thin-skinned, with an average weight of 2.5- 3 pounds per fruit, juicy and soft flesh, moderately sweet and sour, with aromatic grapefruit flavor, and few or no seeds.

Meizhou golden grapefruit fruit is large, beautiful, fruit shape, gourd-shaped; skin yellow, smooth, uniform, clean; flesh sweet and refreshing, honey flavor, crisp and dregs. Can be stored for half a year without changing the flavor, so it also has a "natural canning" name.

Baoji Pavilion


Baoji kiwifruit, in 2018, was awarded the national climate mark in the agricultural products climate quality category. With clean fruit surface, delicate flesh, dense and juicy, sweet and sour, kiwifruit is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements, especially high in vitamin C and vitamin A. It has become a pillar industry for Baoji farmers to increase their income and get rich. This time, Baoji enterprises will form a group to Guangzhou to promote the fruit of Baoji, so that Baoji fruit go out, the introduction of foreign businessmen, the development of Baoji fruit industry.

Huili Exhibition Group


Huili pomegranate is a famous fruit with unique local characteristics in Huili County, Sichuan Province, which is known as "transparent seeds like pearls and sweet taste like honey", and is the first famous brand in Sichuan Province. The pomegranate planting area, production and output value of Huli rank among the top eight main pomegranate producing areas in China, and it is a world-renowned pomegranate planting area and the "hometown of pomegranate in China".

Huili pomegranate is mainly soft seeded pomegranate and green-skinned pomegranate as the main varieties, the county planted pomegranate area of 400,000 mu, fruit output of 700,000 tons, the output value of 5.6 billion yuan.

Huili pomegranate has large thin skin, soft seeds, juicy taste and rich flavor, and won the gold medal of the second China Agricultural Expo for its excellent quality.

Yuanmou pavilion


Yuanmou County is a famous "hot dam" in China, and is one of the few open-air winter early vegetable growing areas in the country, with a dry hot monsoon climate in the south subtropics, basically frost-free throughout the year, with an average annual sunshine of 2751.4 hours, an average annual temperature of 21.5℃, an average annual rainfall of 619.2mm, and an annual evaporation of 3962.9mm. Many temperature-loving crops can be cultivated in the open field in autumn and winter here. Because of its unique natural conditions, it is known as the "natural greenhouse", "Jinsha River vegetable garden", "hanging on the Chengkun line of the vegetable basket" and "China's winter early vegetables home" reputation.

The unique light and heat resources breed high quality Yuanmou fruits and vegetables. More than 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables are grown, and the products are sold to more than 200 large and medium-sized cities in China, and bulk agricultural products such as onions and tomatoes are exported to Japan, South Korea, Russia, as well as Southeast Asia, the European Union and other countries and regions. The county grows 220,000 mu of winter vegetables and 100,000 mu of fruits year-round, and sells nearly 700,000 tons of winter vegetables annually, and the annual income of farmers exceeds 2 billion yuan. The fruit and vegetable industry has become an irreplaceable pillar industry and people-rich industry of Yuanmou, and the per capita disposable income of farmers in the county has ranked first in the state for 17 consecutive years.

Pingliang Pavilion(C03)

Pingliang, Gansu is located at latitude 35°N, which is the best suitable area for apples in the country. Most of the areas in the city have deep soil, moderate altitude, sufficient light and large temperature difference between day and night, and the natural conditions fully meet the 7 ecological indicators necessary for the production of high-quality apples, and the development of fruit industry has unique geographical advantages and natural conditions.

Pingliang has formed an obvious advantage of scale and brand advantages, and the apple industry has become an important industrial support to promote farmers' income and poverty alleviation. The city's apple planting area has reached 2 million mu, with an output of more than 2 million tons. Farmers rely on apple planting to precisely get rid of poverty, and the per capita fruit income in the main production area has reached more than 6,000 yuan, and the purchase price of premium fruit in the ground is more than 8 yuan per kilogram, which has been the top of the national fruit sales for 15 consecutive years.

Linyi pavilion(D74-D75,D84-D87)

Linyi apple is a specialty of Linyi County, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, and is a national geographical indication for agricultural products. The fruit of Linyi apple is mostly round, with high stump shape, bright color, white flesh, crispy and sweet taste, smooth and delicate surface, and storage resistance. On December 30, 2013, "Linyi apple" was listed as a national agricultural product with geographical indication registration protection.

Xi County Pavilion(D05)

Yulu fragrant pear is a new variety of high quality medium-ripening pear bred by the fruit tree research institute of Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, with Kulle fragrant pear as the mother and snow pear as the father, Yulu fragrant pear is characterized by juicy, crispy, high sugar content and pollution-free. In 2013, it was awarded the title of "China Pear King" in the 11th Chinese Famous Pear - National Pear King Tournament, and in 2014, it was identified as the leading variety of fruit tree development by the State Ministry of Agriculture.

Yulu fragrant pear first test base in Shanxi Xi County cultivation, because Shanxi Xi County is located in the loess plateau, day and night temperature difference, the first time to achieve the best results, with the taste of Kulle fragrant pear, at the same time superior to the parent, a large, small nucleus edible rate of more than 90%, no sand, sweetness, is the highest quality of domestic pear in 2014, the fruit marketed by consumers welcome.

Hunan Green Office(D03)

In order to enhance the brand influence and popularity of Hunan fine fruits, expand the sales channels, actively expand the eastern consumer market and promote Hunan fruits "going out", Hunan Green Food Association has been committed to guiding its members to produce strictly according to the green food requirements from the source. The association has been committed to guiding its members to produce green food strictly in accordance with the requirements of green food from the source. The association has been vigorously promoting green food, building a platform for production and marketing, and providing members with full services such as "three products and one standard" certification consultation, green raw materials, quality control, standard promotion, system construction, logo specification, promotion and production and marketing matching.

On September 10-11, Hunan Green Food Association organized 6 fruit enterprises from relevant cities (counties) to go to Guangdong East-West Poverty Alleviation Collaboration Product Trade Market for product display and promotion.

Dangshan Pavilion(C07)

Dangshan pear has a long history of cultivation and is the first of the three traditional pears in China, famous for its juicy and sweet taste and its role in moistening the lungs and relieving cough. Dangshan pear has a thousand-year history, and it was served to the court as tribute pear in ancient times. Dangshan pear is not only crisp and refreshing, melt in the mouth, nutritional value and health value is also very high, is imaginatively called: "fruit in the manna son, medicine in the holy daigo".

Dangshan pear with large nucleus small, yellow bright type beauty, thin skin juicy, crispy sweet and famous. With the passage of time, the planting area of Dangshan pear is more and more, so far there are as many as a million acres; carefully cultivated Dangshan pear, the taste is also getting better and better, thin skin sweet, become a legend that can not be replicated everywhere else.

Kullu pavilion(D01)

"The origin of balsam pear in the world is in Xinjiang, the best and most authentic balsam pear in the Kulle area". Kulle balsam pear, named because it grows in Xinjiang Kulle city on the bank of the Peacock River, has a history of more than 2000 years ago.

In 2020, the balsam pear planting area in the city of Korla was 455,000 mu, and the result area was 355,000 mu, and the average yield was expected to be 1.5 tons, and the balsam pear production this year was expected to be around 500,000 tons, and the commodity rate was above 75%, and the commodity fruit production was expected to be 400,000 tons, and under the condition of having cold storage and refrigerated transportation, the seasonal production and annual sales could be realized.

Kulle balsam pear because has a pleasant color, sweet and smooth taste, aroma, thin skin, crisp and refreshing, juicy slag less, the ground that is broken, the entrance that is melted, durable storage, rich in nutrition and other characteristics, known as "pear in the treasure", "fruit in the prince". Because of the unique status and important influence of kulle balsam pear in the economic development and social life, kulle city is also proudly called "pear city" by local people.
Mee You Red(C09)
The company was established in 2014 and is the main body of the "six unified" strategy for the red kiwifruit industry in Liupanshui, with nearly 210,000 mu. The industry has gradually formed an integration, gradually leaping to become the second largest kiwifruit producing area in China, with the unified industry brand of "Mia You Red" in the city. The city's unified industrial brand is "Mia You Red", and we are determined to make "Mia You Red" the first brand of kiwifruit in China in 5-10 years.

Complete brand structure. The branding of fresh kiwifruit fruit is the main focus, complemented by deep processing products such as fruit juice, fruit pulp, fruit cake, fruit wine, brandy, etc. The branding of fresh fruit drives deep processing and industrial chain development.

Four core cooperation advantages. First, the inimitable geographical advantage of planting, located in the 26.5 degrees north latitude golden growth belt, unique 1200m altitude plateau canyon area, sufficient sunshine, morning and evening temperature difference, organic planting, the formation of a unique taste superior to other production areas of the average sweetness of up to 20 after ripening, the taste is delicate and moist, fruit flavor is sufficient, more comprehensive nutritional flavor. Second, nearly 210,000 acres of industry integration scale advantage, to ensure adequate supply. Third, the industry supply chain end of cold storage, logistics and transportation hardware advantages, can ensure that the fresh fruit season at least 6 months supply. Fourth, to continue to build the "Mia You Red" brand, to ensure the interests of cooperation, long-term cooperation has accumulated value.

Jiangnan Fresh Products(C06)

Jiangnan Fresh is a platform focusing on fresh supply chain services, led by Ye Canjiang, General Manager of Jiangnan Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market, with a total investment of 100 million. The company is committed to providing information-driven fresh supply chain solutions, utilizing the quality resources of Jiangnan Market and other primary markets, providing low-cost and high-efficiency quality services through an innovative amoeba management model, shortening the fresh supply distribution chain, and making fresh business easy.


Ltd. is mainly engaged in: ecological planting and seedling cultivation, ecological breeding and seedling cultivation, leisure agriculture, logistics and information services, tropical fruit and vegetable processing, storage, packaging and sales, e-commerce, import and export trade, agricultural machinery and agricultural tools sales and services, bulk food, pre-packaged food, juice sales; agricultural technology consulting and training and other products. The company respects the "down-to-earth, hard-working, responsibility" spirit of enterprise, and integrity, win-win, create a good business environment, with a new management model, perfect technology, thoughtful service, excellent quality for the survival of the fundamental, we always adhere to the user first with heart service to customers, adhere to their own service to impress customers. We are also the sponsor of this event.
In addition to the pavilions introduced above, there was a large number of excellent companies from all over the country to exhibit.

Liupanshui Liangdu Kiwifruit Industry Co.

Guangdong Fengduocai Agricultural Development Co.

Guizhou Haipin Cross-border E-Commerce Co.

Qingdao Donglu Ecological Agriculture Co.

Wenshan Haohong Agricultural Development Co.

Dongfang Fushan Fruit Industry Co.

Xinning County Longfeng Fruit Industry Co.

Jianghua June Fragrance Fruit Industry Co.

Xi County Thirty-six Degrees of North Latitude E-Commerce Co.

Inner Mongolia Meimei Agricultural Technology Co.

Shaanxi Wang Pawpaw Agricultural Development Co.

Chongqing Tianlian Citrus Network Technology Co.

Yantai Doctora Group

Dujiangyan Kiwifruit Association

Guangzhou Ju Nong Agriculture Co.

Jingchuan Fuyuanhong Fruit Trading Co.

Jiangsu Pai Yuan Agricultural Technology Co.

Sanya Jinfutian Green Agriculture Co.

Jianning County Luyuan Fruit Industry Co.

Shanghai Nongfu Fruit Products Co.

Shandong Qingran Modern Agriculture Development Co.

Renhua County Citrus Industry Association

Shaoguan Hongyanhong Ecological Agricultural Technology Group Co.

Zhanjiang Botou District Lotus Root Industry Park

Anyue County Lemon Shannon Fruit Industry Co.

Fuan City Xiaoyun Ecological Agriculture Co.

Li County Pearl Agricultural Development Co.

Guangzhou Gogo Xiangsen Biotechnology Co.

Gansu Ganfu Fruit Industry Group Co.

Weihai Qiangqiang Ecological Agriculture Co.

Do you think this is the end?
Of course it can't be that simple
There are also indispensable supporting business enterprises to exhibit
Suzhou Xianjiahui Packaging Technology Co.

Dongguan Gao Zhiyuan Plastic Products Co.

Zhejiang DeFilo Intelligent Machinery Manufacturing Co.

D&Z (Beijing) Artificial Environment Technology Co. 

Guangzhou Leyuan New Material Co.

Jiangxi Greenmeng Technology Holdings Co.

Shenzhen Inshang Technology Co.

Shenzhen Luyuan Packaging Technology Co.

Qingdao Good Basket Plastics Co.

Jiangsu Shengxinyuan Biotechnology Co.

Zhongshan Jiehe Packaging Material Co.

Shenzhen Lin Luo Shanghaitong Cash Register Equipment Co.

Shenzhen Zhibaiwei Technology Development Co.

Zhongshan Zhongxin Intelligent Automation Equipment Co.

Zhejiang Deyu Technology Co.

Maifunoda Machinery Equipment (Yantai) Co.

China Youzan Co.

Dongguan Weijun Nonwoven Fabric Co.

Sanya Junfolai Industrial Co.

So many companies are running to Guangzhou from all over the country in order to provide a feast for your tastebuds.
Please also stay tuned, and also welcome interested parties to visit the site oh.