May 18, Wan Guo Feng Yun|Asia Fruit Conference - China Fruit Retailer Summit on the first day of attendance of more than 1,400 people
2017-05-22 17:43:00

The 2017 China Fruit Industry Retailer Summit, which has received much attention from the fruit industry, was held in Shanghai Everbright International Hotel on May 18. The organizing committee signed in on the same day statistics over 1400 fruit people participated in this event.

Opening Ceremony of China Fruit Retailer Summit Meeting


The organizing committee of the Fruit of the World|Asia Fruit Fair had the honor to invite Zeng Zhaopeng, Secretary General of the China Association for the Promotion of Consumer Product Quality and Safety, Peng Shidun, President of the Sanya Mango Association of Hainan Province, Zheng Nanshan of the Guangzhou Jiang Fl Hui Market Management Co. Ltd.; Mr. Bo Vega, Commercial Consul of the Republic of Ecuador in Shanghai; Mr. Wang Miao, Chief Representative of Washington Apple Association/USA Northwest Cherry China; Mr. Liu Yuxiang, Chairman of Qingdao Dongfang Dingxin International Agricultural Products Trading Center; Mr. Yuan Yaxiang, Secretary General of Shanghai Fruit Industry Association; Mr. Ma Xiaogu, Chairman of Shanghai Nongfu Fruit Products Co. Director Tivenzan, Founder of Asian Fruit Association Zhu Yongli, and Director of New Farmers Hall Zhong Wenbin participated in the opening ceremony of the conference.

China Fruit Industry Retailer Summit Site


Mr. Zeng Zhaopeng, Secretary General of China Association for the Promotion of Consumer Goods Quality and Safety, Mr. Zheng Nanshan of Guangzhou Jiangfl Hui Market Management Co. After the speeches, all the guests raised a glass to wish the retailer summit a complete success, which can bring new momentum to the retail end of the fruit industry and inject more fresh new technologies, new models and new techniques to the fruit industry. In the morning domestic and foreign fruit retail trends and delivery of speech policy by the Chilean Fruit Export Association Eurasian market director Charif Christian Carvajal speech, introduced the background of the Chilean Association and Chilean fruit and the Chinese market and Asian market sales. The main forum section was hosted by Zhu Yongli, the founder of Wan Guo Feng Yun|Asian Fruit Association, with the U.S. Washington Apple Association Wang Miao, chief representative of the U.S. Northwest Cherry China, Zou Zhijun, CEO of Miao Life, Wang Yiqiang, Ye Brothers military advisor, Li Xin, vice president of Dotcom, and Zhong Wenbin, owner of Xin Nong Tang, to discuss and study the new retail issues in 2017. In the afternoon, the special session on import and export fruit trade and branding was explained by Feng Chunguang, director of China Consumer Goods Quality and Safety Promotion Association and Inbound and Outbound Inspection and Quarantine Committee, who explained the latest fruit import and export trade, and the speech even mentioned the recent issue of India banning the import of Chinese apples and pears. Then the speech was given by the Commercial Consul of the Republic of Ecuador in Shanghai, Bo Vega, who mainly introduced the star fruits of Ecuador, bananas and mangoes. Zhejiang Tianzi Company Limited, Chongqing Golden Fruit Source Trade, Jiawo Xinrongmao Group and Beijing Century Shangwei Marketing Consulting participated in the speech. Import and export fruit trade and branding was hosted by Guo Chenglin, with Ma Dajun, general manager of Shanghai Nongfu Fruit Co., Ltd, Bao Shengsheng, deputy general manager of Shanghai Yuhua Fruit Co., Ltd, Ye Cheng, chairman of Shanghai Yechen Industrial Co., Ltd, and Nie Rong, brand operation director of Chongqing Golden Fruit Source Trading Co., Ltd, to exchange and discuss the future three-year trend of import and export fruit. The discussion atmosphere was very lively and resonated with the audience.

 Zhu Yongli (first from left), the founder of Asia Congress, with guests Yang Jie (middle) and Guo Chenglin (right)


After the meeting, the organizing committee held a banquet for the guests and fruit industry members who came from afar to celebrate the event. In June, Wan Guo Feng Yun|Asian fruit will join hands with a number of supporting business, service providers to officially launch the "Origin Miles" new project.


Article source: Wan Guo Feng Yun|亚果会