The management of unpaid debts "old rascals" has begun to bear fruit
2016-05-30 13:57:00

On May 28th, Shanghai Fruit Business Association Imported Fruit Professional Committee held a grand inauguration ceremony and issued bronze medals for its members at Huizhan Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market. This means that for enterprises, the life-and-death issue of repayment is expected to be gradually alleviated and solved.


Zhang Chunhua, president of Shanghai Fruit Business Association, said at the unveiling ceremony, "Shanghai port imports of fruit have maintained a continuous growth momentum every year. With the development of the market of imported fruits, the establishment of an integrity system in the industry can not be delayed, because only by relying on integrity, the enterprise can be bigger."


Chairman Ye Canjiang of Guangzhou Jiangnan Fruit and Vegetable Market further elaborated that this integrity system will help purify the business environment and make this industry grow in a healthy and orderly manner. "We have the determination to join forces to unscrupulous customers constraint, so that reputable enterprises can do business with peace of mind and confidence."



Statistics from the Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau show that a total of 1 million tons of fruit were imported into Shanghai ports in 2015, with an average daily import of more than 2,700 tons, a 50% jump from the previous year. The bulk of the fruits include varieties from Australia and South America that enjoy preferential tariff rates under the FTA, as well as characteristic species from North and Central America and Europe.


After several months of preparation, the Shanghai Fruit Business Association's Imported Fruit Professional Committee has received strong support from the import fruit merchants operating in the Shanghai Huizhan market, and 60 companies have applied for membership and paid their dues, accounting for 90% of the current market's imported fruit units.


In recent years, Shanghai fruit market billing problem has been the "big problem" that restricts the development of the industry, especially the development of the imported fruit industry. And the "credit" system in the industry has almost become a "unspoken rule", which has caused a lot of headaches.


Ma Xiaogu, director of the Imported Fruit Professional Committee, introduced to the reporter that, due to the large number of imported fruit practitioners, the quality of personnel varies, and the phenomenon of dishonesty occurs repeatedly; salesman or enterprise lack of judgment of customers, unable to clearly understand the customer's business status. Some customers close down because of poor operation, and some evaporate overnight, thus making the account can not be successfully recovered. For example, there was an incident last year in which an unscrupulous merchant fled after taking $10 million in credit. Since the purchaser as a single individual does not have a strong strategy and measures to counter the defaulted accounts, he has no choice but to listen to the situation.


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Establishing an integrity system is to regulate the trading account period, strengthen legal supervision and maintain fair trade. It is important to have a good understanding of the debts owed by companies in the industry, their repayment records and the information of those responsible for repayment, as well as their past credit records. Based on the credit re-evaluation of customers, and timely adjustment of credit and sales policies based on the evaluation results. In this way, we can ensure that the distributors can understand the credit direction of each customer, identify high-value and high-credit customers, eliminate poor credit and low-value customers, and minimize the loss rate of bad debts.


Chairman Wang Guohua of Shanghai Yuhua Fruit Co., Ltd. further explained, "The association currently requires members to submit customer lists, classified by credit rating, so that quality customers can be selected and bad customer information can be shared. Buyers are urged to settle their accounts by the 10th and 15th of the following month by category, on a trial basis for three months from now, and later if they fail to do so they will be warned or even blacklisted. Encounter runaway bad debts, the association will be unified to hire lawyers to jointly protect the rights and interests of enterprises."


Ltd. general manager Wang Haibo told the international fruit and vegetable report: "generally only 60-70% of the monthly payment is to ensure receipt. And through the industry association to bring everyone together, the establishment of new rules and systems after the unified settlement of accounts. Since we joined the professional committee for imported fruits, the problem of remittance has been alleviated and we have received more than 90% of our receivables this month. The establishment of the professional committee has played a big role in solving the remittance problem for our operators."


Representatives from the consulates general in Shanghai of Peru, Mexico, the United States, and New Zealand all visited the Huizhan Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market and expressed their congratulations on the establishment of the Shanghai Fruit Business Association's Imported Fruit Professional Committee.

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Members and contacts:


No. Member unit and contact person
1 Shanghai Nongfu Fruit Products Co.
2 Shanghai Yuhua Fruits Co.
3 Shanghai Fruitful Import & Export Co.
4 Shanghai Haoyuan Foods Co.
5 Shanghai Yuqian Trading Co.
6 Shanghai Botao Fruits & Vegetables Co.
7 Shanghai Vernon Import & Export Co.
8 Shanghai Zelen Trading Co.
9 Shenzhen Xin Rongmao Agricultural Products Co.
10 Shanghai Shengsi Industrial Co.
11 Shanghai Timto Agricultural Products Co.
12 Shanghai Yueqi Trading Co.
13 Laiyang Junjie Food Co.
14 Kunzhi Industrial (Shanghai) Co.
15 Shanghai Shihong Fruits Co.
16 Shanghai Yibo Trading Co.
17 Shanghai Peng Sheng Industrial Co.
18 Pinranfeng (Shanghai) Industrial Co.
19 Shanghai Xiangqi Fruit Products Co.
20 Shanghai Fruits & Fruits Co.
21 Shanghai Xingwan Trading Co.
22 Nanjing Sanyong International Trade Co.
23 Guangdong Youguo Agricultural Investment Co.
24 Shanghai Bingyue Trading Co.
25 Shanghai Mi Rong Fruit Products Co.
26 Beijing Zhaofeng Baiyuan International Trade Co.
27 Shanghai Fruit Season Fruit Company Limited Li Xuelou
28 Shanghai Fruit Forest Trading Co.
29 Shanghai Tonghe Agricultural Products Co.
30 Shanghai Chuanpage Trading Co.
31 Shanghai Xinfugao International Trade Co.
32 Shanghai Jungo Real Estate Co.
33 Shanghai Jingding Fruits Co.
34 Shanghai To Be Mengdi International Trade Co.
35 Shanghai Yuandi International Trade Co.
36 Shanghai Zhenhong Fruit Industry Co.
37 JiaNong Food (Shanghai) Co.
38 Shanghai Golden Fruit Trading Co.
39 Shanghai Fucai Fruit Products Co.
40 Shanghai Miaojie Industrial Co.
41 Shanghai Guoqin Trading Co.
42 Shanghai Yituo Yidao Industrial Co.
43 Shanghai Junli International Trade Co.
44 Xiamen Fruits Trading Co.
45 Shanghai Kuntao Fruit Trading Co.
46 Shanghai Lantao International Trade Co.
47 Shanghai Yinrun Trading Co.
48 Shanghai Zhengcheng Industrial Co.
49 Shanghai Yechen Industrial Co.
50 Shanghai Haojiu Industrial Development Co.
51 Shanghai Shuyi International Trade Co.
52 Shanghai Fucheng Trading Co.
53 Shanghai Zhenxuan Agricultural Products Co.
54 Shanghai Fruit Sea Trading Co.
55 Shanghai Yumin Fruit Products Co.
56 Shanghai Yi Jiangnan Co.
57 Shanghai Guoxiang International Trade Co.
58 Shanghai Jiaming Fruit Co.
59 Shanghai Taifruit Trading Co.
60 Shanghai Shunfruit Trading Co.


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